Ep28 – Florence Foster Jenkins

Ep28 Poster

It was Beau’s choice this week, so he took Ben kicking and screaming to see Meryl Streep’s new biographical feature Florence Foster Jenkins. Madam Florence is wealthy, ill and exceedingly awful at singing, yet it is her dream to sing opera in front of an audience. Her husband (Hugh Grant) will stop it nothing to make sure her dream becomes a reality and pays-off every writer at the venue to give sterling reviews. 

Accompanied by a gifted pianist (Simon Helberg), Florence Foster Jenkins goes from strength to surprising strength, seemingly ignorant of her audiences true feelings. Can a singer with zero ability deliver a stunning performance at Carnegie Hall, or will Florence Foster Jenkins’ dreams come crashing down along with her diminishing health? Hear what Beau and Ben thought of this subtle and complex feature.

Hint: It’s divisive…

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