Beau and Ben have a long history together, forever intertwined with cinema and reviews.

Their journey began in 2010, when they met on the set of a live breakfast television program. Beau a host of the show, Ben a segment contributor and member of the crew. Later on they both independently contributed segments where they reviewed films, however they did so separately; Ben under the early machination of the Now Showing name, and Beau under a different title.

BeauasSoundieOne night, perhaps over a drink or too many, they struck up a discussion about their mutual love of film, and after it was discovered just how different their approaches were, Beau suggested a tour de force pairing of their two distinct tastes. While Ben’s experience lay within the visual realm, Beau’s stubbornness won out, and the Now Showing radio program was born.

And so they began a new era as an audio format review show.  Beau and Ben had the ambitious goal to review EVERY movie released each week, and for 24 weekly episodes they did just that. They contributed 72 separate standalone reviews to be used as content for many radio shows (including overseas) and discussed every movie each week on their 2-hour-long radio show.

After a long run of 3 seasons, and a nomination for “Best Radio Show”, Beau and Ben put down their review pens, hung up their discussion gloves and with a heavy heart they left on an indefinite hiatus.

Ben With Alexa smallDuring their break, both Ben and Beau pursued careers in the film and television industry. Ben continued his passion for camera-work, graduating a Diploma in Audio Visual Tech and a Bachelor of Communication. Beau fluffed around within a Bachelor of Science and finally settled on Audio Engineering and Sound Production.

Thus Beau and Ben continue to face off within their professional lives. On either side of the metaphorical fence, the natural and ever-present rivalry between Sound and Camera departments is a mirror of their already established film tastes. Despite this, they have collaborated on many projects together and you can find some of them at 54thstory.com

At this point Now Showing was just a fond memory Beau and Ben would bring up, an opportunity to reminisce, and while they regularly saw films together, it was never in a review context.

That was until Fantastic Four was released in 2015. After watching such an abysmal film, Beau simply had to review it…and who better to help him in that endeavour than his old review partner, Ben?

And that is how the Now Showing podcast began.  Beau and Ben could not be happier to be back, doing what they love and arguing about who has the better taste in films.

It’s obviously Beau…